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Canada - British North America 1851

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Map Description British North America published by John Tallis

Canada - British North America 1851

Size: 16x12 Inches

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The beautiful decorative vignettes include fine engravings of a view of Tall Ships FURY AND HECLA, ESQUIMAX (ESKIMOS IN FRONT OF IGLOO AND DOGS), WHALE FISHING (MEN ON A BOAT WITH OARS AND A MAN STANDING READY TO HARPOON A WHALE, A VIEW OF MONTREAL, AND A SEAL ON AN ICEBERG. The decorative border that surrounds the map is typical of a John Tallis production and is beautifully scrolled. Map Drawn & Engraved by John Rapkin, illustrations by H. Warren & Engraved by R. Wallis
Shown on the map are beautiful hand colored borders of counties of British America, topographic lakes cities provinces.etc.
Former British possessions in North America north of the United States. The term was once used to designate Canada.

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