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Map showing the United States of America 1851

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Map Description Unites States of America published by John Tallis

Map showing the United States of America 1851

Size: 16x12 Inches

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This is a fascinating 1850 map of the United States. The map covers the United States from Texas (shown at fullest extent) and Santa Fe, north through the Missouri Territory to Canada and east to the Atlantic. The Trans-Mississippi region is exceptionally interesting with a fascinating (if somewhat inaccurate even at this the time) depiction of the political geography. A long Narrow Nebraska territory extends to Canada. There is a large “Western Territory roughly where Oklahoma is today. New Mexico Territory is alternatively called Santa Fe territory. Missouri Territory occupies the full region west of Nebraska. Texas shown with interesting detail, but lacks the Panhandle - a error common to European maps of Texas from this period. Washington and Franklin medallions decorate the right and left borders. Decorative vignettes depict a Buffalo Hunt, Penn’s Treaty with the Indians, and the Washington Monument. The whole has the highly decorative presentation and elaborate border distinctive of the maps published by John Tallis.

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