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Early Plan of Sydney - Environs 1890

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Map Description Early Plan of the City of Sydney and its Environs from "The Royal Atlas & Gazetteer of Australasia 1890"

Early Plan of Sydney - Environs 1890

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The plan of the City of Sidney and its Environs is from "The Royal Atlas & Gazetteer of Australasia", produced by J. G. Bartholomew for T. Nelson and Sons in 1890. The descriptive text that follows is compiled from the atlas gazetteer for 1890.

Several features of note including Botany Bay.  This lies just south of Sydney and is a shallow bay affording no shelter for vessels.  Here Cook first landed in Australia, and the name was given on account of the large number of new plants found by Sir J. Banks.  At one time a celebrated convict settlement.  Now a holiday resort.  Parramatta: post town and railway station 14 miles W. of Sydney.  Oldest town in colony, founded 1790, and then known as Rosehill.  First grain was grown and harvested, and convicts first got land grants here.  Fine public park and racecourse.  Orangeries and orchards occupy most of the 12,846 cultivated acres in the district.  Pop. 12,000.  Other places of note include Port Hacking which lies south of Botany Bay and affords safe anchorage for coasters.  Manley, post town and watering place 6 miles NE. of Sydney, with which it has regular steamship communication.  Pop. 1500.

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