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Sydney 1890

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Sydney 1890

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Sydney:  capital and seat of Government of New South Wales, and parent city of Australia, founded January 1788.  Port Jackson is the harbour, nearly surrounded with quays and wharfs, and has its shore line much broken by small bays, each forming a natural harbour, the whole presenting one of the finest, safest, and best ports in the world.  The city covers an area of 2600 acres, and is the seat of a university.  St. Andrew’s Cathedral is the third church built on the site since 1819, and is now a very fine building, as are also St. Mary’s (R.C) Cathedral and several other churches and public buildings of recent date.  Government House was completed at a cost of £25,000.  The post-office and town hall are also remarkable structures.  Several parks, the principal being Hyde Park, with statue of Prince Albert, statues of the Queen and of Captain Cook are also being erected in the locality.  Floating, dry, and graving docks give employment to many hands.  The city is a commercial one, with numerous markets, stores and shops.  The factories include those for boots and shoes, clothing (100 in number), woodwork, foundries, &c.  Two batteries have been erected guarding the entry to Port Jackson, and other military works are in progress.  Pop. (1889) with suburbs, 381,730.

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